Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cookie monster :P

Since today, my sister is not working. 
she decided to bake cookies. :)
since I promised someone that I will give some to him, I forgot why tho. 
and it's been so long cause I was quite busy, sort of for this few months. 
since it was holiday and my exam is coming to an end. 
why not just make some so that I no longer hang on on my promises . 
teehee. :)

It's yummy and crunchy, 
I bet it will satisfy your taste buds ! :P

too bad, I couldn't give you recipe cause it's a family recipe. 
we (me and my sister) promised my aunt to not give this cookie recipe. 
can compare to famous amos okay! :P 
really yummeh :) 

*my stomach is calling me*
*go grab some now*
*munch munch munch*
byeeeeeeeeeeeee :) 


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