Monday, March 21, 2011

Urine urine

harro, Good evening. 
how was your Monday? 
I hope it's doing good for you all. 

guess what we did for biology experiment just now? 
seriously, you will never thought of it. hahahahah
it's disgusting. 

so lemme tell you, 

we did the urine sample experiment. 

Urine = ammonia
Ammonia = foul , sweet and odourless.
colour = pale, colourless, cloudy, yellowish

we had fun... not.! :P 

the urine solution from 1,2 to 3. 

the litmus paper that we use 

look, the blue litmus paper tells us that the urine solution is acidic 

to test the presence of glucos 

nice blue colour right? teehee 

Athirah's urine HAHAHAH. I'm kidding baby. :P 
guess who was naughty playing mirror ghost game during Chemistry? 

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